Divorceonline.com FAQs

How does Divorceonline.com work?
Divorceonline.com is a web-based service preparing divorce papers that enables you start your divorce swiftly and easily.
How much does Divorceonline.com cost?
For registration and 30-day access to your account, your credit card will be charged a one-time payment. You won't face extra charges for minor changes to your data for 30 days. If you need more assistance with your divorce, the website also provides supplementary services. You can find all the basic and additional costs on the pricing page.
Does it matter where we were married?
No, it doesn’t. You do not need to start your divorce process at the same place you were married. As a rule, you can file for divorce in the states where you or your spouse live. Each state has specific residency requirements for divorce actions. You can find them in your state’s family or domestic relations code section.
Can I use Divorceonline.com in my state?

You can use the services of Divorceonline.com in your state if you meet its residency requirements or if your spouse does. Divorceonline.com operates in all states and provides papers and instructions following the local laws.

Divorceonline.com only helps get divorce forms for uncontested cases. If you have difficulties agreeing on the divorce terms with your spouse, you might want to consult an attorney.

Can I use Divorceonline.com if we have children?
Yes. Divorceonline.com provides related documents for spouses who have common minor children.
Can I use Divorceonline.com if we have a property and/or debt?
Yes. Divorceonline.com has all the necessary papers to address the division of assets and debts if the spouses can agree on dividing them.
What if we have children and my spouse and I live in different states?
It doesn’t matter if you and your spouse live in different states because Divorceonline.com provides divorce documents for all of them. You only need to choose a state where to start the divorce process. Typically, couples with children should file in the state where their child(ren) lives.
How does payment work?
Each client pays a one-time fee of $139 to create their account and obtain completed divorce papers. After the expiration of the 30 days, each subscriber will receive an email notification of a monthly charge.

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